MINIMODULE® 1 x 5.5 G543 (70-2013-5113-0)

Part Number G543 (70-2013-5113-0)
Description X50 fiber, Polyurethane potting, Polycarbonate Housing, Liquid/lumenside connections: 1/4" FNPT Shellside/vacuum connections: standard female luer with adaptors to 1/4" hosebarb.Specification A-EF-1218,Rev. 1
Unit Price USD 270.00
Capacity Up to 500 ml/min.
Process Connections Female Luer with Polycarbonate adaptors to ¼” Hosbarb Male Luer with ABS adaptors to straight tube or John Guest
Membrana. A 3M Company
Membrana. A 3M Company